A Tall Tail

Mar 04

It had been a hard day. I hobbled around on my sprained ankle all day. It seemed that I got in al the longest lines at every store too. The day was cloudy and reflected my mood. I couldn’t share my feelings with anyone because …

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Thank you to my guiding lights

Feb 28

I forgot there is a learning curve to trying anything new, and that you have to learn by doing.

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When plans don’t turn out the way we thought they would.

Feb 26

I am far from being a planner type of person. I don’t make plans because so often the don’t urn out like the plan that I envisioned.

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To Everything There is a Season

Feb 25

One decision has changed my life forever. Like most people I’ve made my share of good and bad decisions.

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Scraps of Paper

Feb 24

            Scraps of Paper      When President Lincoln died they examined the contents of his pockets. Here are the contents: 1. Watch fob 2. Button 3. Pocket knife 4 Handkerchief 5 wallet 6. $5.oo confederate currency 7. Glass cleaner 8. close up glasses. 9. Glass case. Also included were 9 newspaper clippings with articles that were favorable about...

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