This Has Got to be the Best Day of My Life.

Sep 30


¬†This is my new favorite song. As I sit home with bad allergies, having wiped my poor sore nose on every napkin, tissue, paper towel, toilet paper in my home, this song still makes me happy. I started to ponder what would make any day, “the best day of my life”.

In the above video it shows what it takes to help a dog have the best day of his life. It took saving him from doggie jail. What would help a preschooler, an elderly person, your spouse, a homeless person have the best day of their lives?

I learn a lot from animals and children. They seem to really have this joy and happiness thing down much better than we do. It doesn’t take a large sum of money or fancy time-share properties to make them happy. Why don’t we take time to capture moments of joy? I probably don’t have what it takes to make most people feel it was the best day of their lives. I will have to settle for moments of joy and happiness. This goes for myself as well as making others happy.

I love making people happy so I will think about ways to enrich their lives each day. Our poor weary world could sure use more joy. How about you, what would make it the best day of your life?Girl and camel

We could spend some valuable time thinking about what brings us joy and happiness and how to bring that to others.¬†Share with me some things that would make it the best day of your life. Do you think it’s even possible? What about things we thought would bring us joy that really don’t measure up to our expectations?












  1. What always brings joy to my life are the little people who know me as “Grandma.”

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