Midsummer Night’s Teens

Mar 11

Two  youth seek conversation and something to do on a warm summer night. The young man Forbreezia, the maiden’s name is Blondish.



Blondish: Fair youth is it not the eve of a  summer’s night and I take ease in my own good conversation?

Forbreezia:  Faire maiden it is,  and find me your servent. The night talks on stars, impale me upon thine company.

Blondish: Brash  Forbreezia, am I thy servant also? My father and my mother bid me stay and much learning hath made me mad.

Forbreezia: Blondish put thy books in their place and find the day, my strength thy anthem alone doth stir the heart and redden thine cheeks.

Blondish: Forbreezia hath thou taken leave of thine senses? Mark my words my mother doth complaineth to my father and thine name hath he cursed.

Forbreezia: Cursed then let me be for thy company beckons me hither to crusade for a better name for thee.

Blondish: Then I be cursed in thy place? He knoweth about thy former maid and that thou sendest her by sorrows path.

Forbreezia: Doth a gardener not pluck the fairest bloom to grace his table?

Blondish: Then after the blooms fall to the earth doth he not throw them away also?

Forbreezia: Thou art the vase fair Blondish and I would feign to reduce the vase to the dying blooms that do return to the earth?

Blondish: If I be  the vase then thou bearest me as thy house servant to my place of honor.

Forbreezia: Carry thee I would with great happiness, thy place along my side to stay.

Blondish: So what whilst thou do to carry me hither? A basket of blooms for thee to put in thy basket.

Forbreezia: At night’s last sigh then we carry ourselves to the lakes’ edge to let our tongues wander through the corridors of our minds.

Blondish: Oh Forbreezia thou lackest sense to know my time is a hand maiden awaiting your orders?

Forbreezia:  Then I order thee to meet me at lakes’ edge  and when the sun doth rest from her race and the moon supplant her we shall have our say. Our tongues indeed will share their portion until thy father doth require thee.

Blondish: Yeah Forbreezia thy company doth prepare my mood far brighter than books and labour.

Forbreezia: Forsake thy books, thy labour, and thy home and we shall delight in good company until thy heritage doth require more of thee.


Modern Translation:

Hey do you want to go out tonight?

No my mom and dad say I have to do my homework.

Oh why does your dad always pick on me?

He heard about how you dumped your last girl-friend. She fell hard and is still depressed over it.

He’s not so perfect either. I might want to marry you some day. I like you way better than I liked her.

You can’t just throw people away you know.

I know and I’d never do that to you.

Then I guess I’ll do home-work later and we can go to the lake.

Yes let’s talk and hang out tonight.






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