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What would life be without mentors? I have looked up to so many different people at different times in my life. In times of change or feeling lost, a mentor can be life changing. A mentor is someone we look to for help finding our hopes and dreams. They are further down the road that we long to travel on than we are. They  have the missing reasons we need to go on sometimes.

A mentor reminds us to keep our dreams when we don’t feel like it. They impart the knowledge, wisdom, or understanding to our lives. Sometimes a mentor opens up possibilities that we hadn’t considered. They have skills, and abilities  that inspire us to try new things. Mentors can be teachers, pastors, neighbors, anyone that makes contact with our life in a meaningful way.


A mentor can change our attitude, our waist-line, our marriage, or  our children. Anyone can be a mentor and an inspiration if they are  caring and willing to invest  in another’s life. I’ve gotten inspiration from people’s ideas in person, online, and  most often in written form. The amazing thing about written ideas is the longevity. I have learned from people who lived long before our time. Which ever way ideas are transmitted they can be a powerful mentoring tool. With the invention of the phone and internet our sources of encouragement and learning can come from around the world.


A great rule of life is to always have someone mentoring you, and you always having someone that you mentor. It’s like we were made to mentor and be mentored all throughout life. Choosing a mentor or someone to mentor will take intentionality and reciprocity. Scheduling is another issue. Scheduling needs to be regular but flexible. With the internet  and Skype ability, more possibilities arise. We could find ourselves with a mentor across the world from us.

     We need to preserve the right to our own decisions and let others retain their ability to choose contrary to our advice. Mentoring gone bad has earmarks that we can watch for. A mentor should not high-jack our direction in life. We don’t want to become an echo or our advisors. We need to guard against controlling behavior. Ego needs to take a back seat and respect for another person is so important. Chastising another person should be forbidden. Guilt, brow-beating, or embarrassment should not be involved. A mentored person should never be made to feel inferior.


     When people or groups decide to generously invest in another person it can be a beautiful and helpful thing. We can inspire each other to achieve the goals we had in mind to accomplish anyway. I’m currently part of the 500 word a day writing challenge and it has helped me achieve so much more than I would have alone.

     I hope people realize the potential in being accountable to a person, friend or group to help us reach our goals. That’s we have teachers, coaches, spiritual leaders, friends, so we can grow, learn, and benefit from a mutual relationship.

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  1. Enjoyed your article. A mentor is a gift.

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