Flight of Fantasy

Mar 07



  Wings whirring speeding past flowers, sand, and trees, I soar. Looking down on water swirls I bank sharply to the right. I spy a wood rat hopping in a zig-zag pattern with something in his mouth. I smile and wave and he hops off like a wood sprite. I almost fly right into a cat-tail but swerve around it instead. I try to catch an air thermal and yes I’ve found it and I soar higher and higher above the tree in the woods. I promised to visit Auntie Cricket. Auntie is the smartest, most cheerful creature in the whole woods. She lived at the base of the oak tree south of farmer field. I swooped a few excited loops and swerved right near the oak but bumped hard into the base of it and bounced back. Stunned I sat for a moment,  my head felt a little tilty.

    Aunt Cricket are you home? Darling what ever are you doing flying in so fast? You knocked the nics off my shelf inside, deary! Oh Auntie I’m sorry, I just flew in to ask you for your wisdom, I have a heart hurt. Aunty pushed her glasses back and looked somber. She pushed her face closer to get a better look at me. Darling she chirped, what ever hurt your heart? Oh Auntie the most wonderful thing has hurt my heart, I’ve found a heart love. Auntie stared and rubbed her wings slowly. Darling where did you find your heart love?

     Flying past the grain tower I flew right into him, hard. We spinned around and around and I thought we would crash into the ground or break a wing or something. I heard Auntie flutter her wings and almost scratch them against her leg making the tiniest twirping sound. Oh Auntie I need to know, will I be o.k.?  Well twerp, chirp, love hurt may take awhile to recover from and some never do get over it.

     I sigh and my heart feels happy and sad all at the same time. I think my heart is pitty pattering like a dance. Auntie I feel so funny, maybe not well.  Auntie Cricket spread her wings and flew to get some tea. Aunty always put on tea at a time like this and it made me feel better already.  Auntie have you ever had heart hurt? Twirp, purry, well yes my child I have many times over, every time I’ve chosen to love anyone or anything.

     I breath deep and ponder her deep wisdom. Auntie I ask, will you be ok and will I be ok? Auntie flew across the room again and looked serious, no I don’t really think so darling, you see every time you love you give away a piece of your heart that you never get back.

     So Auntie should I do what you’ve done and give a bit of my heart away? I could hear her wings rubbing softly on her leg now making a purring sound. Yes my darling if that’s what you choose then it will be alright but not easy. I said my good byes and nuzzled her nose to say thank you and flew back across the creek, the sand bar, and the oak tree. I had a lot to think about.



  1. Linda Andres /

    Lovely little story. This kind of fantasy always brings a smile.

    • Dale L /

      Thanks so much Linda. I am trying my hand at many new things with the 500 word a day challenge. Glad to bring you a smile

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