Food Exotica

Mar 05


  First I have to say that I was raised in the Midwest. Until I moved out West I had never tasted a taco, an avocado, Chinese food, or Mexican food. We ate meat and potatoes or soup. I don’t even remember salads. We ate corn on the cob, chicken, potatoes, and beef, and or wild game.  We also loved desserts.

   My mother gained custody of me and brought me out West and my eating changed dramatically. I remember biting into the hot sauce of a taco and went, wow! It burned but I liked it, what had I been missing? Now Mexican food is one of my favorites. I even love Chinese food also. I can hardly call these exotic foods though.


     I do have a memorable food experience though that I will share with you. I was attending college and always ran out of food before I ran out of month. I never turned down an invitation to dinner. It was Thanksgiving and I had three invitations to dine with friends. I thought I’d have to say no to one family until she explained they were gypsies and ate their dinner for the dead and it had to be all eaten  before noon. I couldn’t say no to this appetizing endeavor, eating for the dead sounded a little creepy but I was pretty hungry. The food was out of this world yummy. There was this red sauce that was sweet and a little spicy all over the meet. This was like sweet and sour sauce but better. We had the meal polished off and the dead were very happy (I think) .


     Meal #2 was a traditional American Thanksgiving meal with a very nice family. Everything was cooked to perfection and had all the standard great food we expect from this holiday. I thought I’d hit the holiday meal jackpot. I was trying to pace myself but it was very difficult to be sure. I started thinking I needed to jog or something before meal #3. I thought to myself, what’s the worst thing that could happen? I’d have to eat like a bird and say oh I really can’t eat another bite.



     I had no idea what meal #3 was going to be like. The man was a huge black man and his family. He was called the “Black Moses” because when he went to demonstrate he carried a long stick in his hand like Moses. I really liked  him and his large family. This meal was the greatest memory for me. We drank a little wine in mason jars. He made a feast like a fancy restaurant would like to fix but can’t. We had a true “soul food dinner’. I remember he made stuffing inside of baked apples with raisins and who knows what? I loved this dish and couldn’t believe how the flavors danced with each other. I never stopped thanking them for a great time and asked him how he became such a good cook. He told me that he learned to cook in prison. He had cooked this whole meal himself and it was outstanding.



     The really cool thing was that I had tasted three different cultures which included food. I liked them all and I enjoyed their company too. This stands out as a stellar memory of college life for me. So when I waddled home, my heart was so full too. Good food, and good company what cheers us up more than that?


  1. Tonia Hurst /

    Dale, I just ate dinner and now I’m starving. Why did you write so well of delicious foods? Now I want turkey, stuffing, baking apples, you name it. Great piece. mouth watering description.

  2. Candy Lu /

    Dale, i am a little hungry too, please do as Tonia says, and… make it two, please…

  3. I love how you connected pacing yourself with jogging: a little humor, there. Sounds like a memory you’ll not forget.

  4. Loved this post and the way you let the words just flow out of you. I am going to guess the last meal will stay with you forever. Great post.

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