God or Jesus

Feb 28

A pastor’s wife and I were agreeing that we’ve seen a shift from primarily addressing Jesus in prayer, and conversation , to now praying to our  Heavenly Father. Not just with ourselves but in sermons and conversations we have heard. What could be causing this shift we wondered? Both of us were Christians during the 70’s, 80″s, 90″s,...

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Welcome to the well. Held up in California kept from the well.

Feb 27

My car malfunctioned and kept me in California longer than planned. Must admit my knees where knocking from fear when my car started a horrible shaking on a busy freeway during start of rush hour traffic. My traveling companion, Kathy and I both started thanking the Lord because we both believed that Jesus was protecting us. One crazy thing would happen after the...

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Castro Valley Writer’s Conference…

Feb 22

I’m excited to be going to the Castro Valley writer’s conference tomorrow. Hope I see some old writer friends and meet some new ones. I should be getting this “well” up and “flowing” with regular updates by the end of the month. Thanks for your patience while it is under construction and I learn more about how to use...

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First draw of water at the new well.

Feb 14

Welcome to the Well! Still need to do a bit more digging to get it flowing better. Let’s meet here often to share tasty, refreshing water, friendly talk, caring words, and friendship. Thanks for being here.

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