This Has Got to be the Best Day of My Life.

Sep 30

   This is my new favorite song. As I sit home with bad allergies, having wiped my poor sore nose on every napkin, tissue, paper towel, toilet paper in my home, this song still makes me happy. I started to ponder what would make any day, “the best day of my life”. In the above video it shows what it takes to help a dog have the best day of his...

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Midsummer Night’s Teens

Mar 11

Forsake thy books, thy labour, and thy home and we shall delight in good company until thy heritage doth require more of thee.

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Mar 10

A mentor can change our attitude, our waist line, our marriage, or our children

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Flight of Fantasy

Mar 07

        Wings whirring speeding past flowers, sand, and trees, I soar. Looking down on water swirls I bank sharply to the right. I spy a wood rat hopping in a zig-zag pattern with something in his mouth. I smile and wave and he hops off like a wood sprite. I almost fly right into a cat-tail but swerve around it instead. I try to catch an air thermal and yes...

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Food Exotica

Mar 05

I do have a memorable food experience though that I will share with you

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